Example of Sort Array List Alphabetically in Flutter Dart

Hello friends, In today’s tutorial we would learn about sorting list in flutter. Many of us heard about Sorting word but we don’t know what it actually means ? Sorting means arrange List data into meaningful easy to understand order. By default a list can be created with multiple data and data can be arranged or not. But using sort we can arrange it and show user data in correct format. Today we would learn about sort array list alphabetically in flutter. So let’s get started 🙂 .

Method to Sort List Alphabetically :-

  • ListName.sort() .

Contents in this project Example of Sort Array List Alphabetically in Flutter Dart :-

1. Open your project’s main.dart file and import material.dart package.

2. Creating void main runApp() method and here we would call our main MyApp class.

3. Creating MyApp extends StatelessWidget our first parent class. In this class we would call our App child class.

4. Creating App extends StatefulWidget class. In this class we would make AppState class with createState() method to enable mutable state management.

5. Creating our main AppState extends State class. This is our main Child class.

6. Creating flutter’s inbuilt method initState(). This method allows us to call any function or event on app start time. So in this method we would convert our List to Alphabetically using Sort function.

7. Creating our List named as listData. As you can see our below List is not arranged.

8. Creating Widget Build area -> Here we would make our main ListView.builder() widget and show us the List.

9. Complete source code for main.dart file :-

Screenshot With List Sort Alphabetically :-

Example of Sort Array List Alphabetically in Flutter Dart

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