Import Open Existing Flutter Dart Project in Android Studio

Hello friends, From now on we’re concentrating on Flutter tutorials with Android Studio. Android studio is like a base IDE for android developer in multiple languages in JAVA, Kotlin and Flutter. In today’s tutorial we would cover a most common topic for beginner flutter developer that is how to import open existing flutter dart project in Android Studio IDE. Some of us create Flutter project using Command Prompt or Terminal and does not know how to start coding in the Android Studio in Flutter. So we are explaining the process step by step.

Contents in this project Import Open Existing Flutter Dart Project in Android Studio :-

1. First of all you have to install Android Studio and SDK manger in your computer. If you don’t know How to setup Flutter Development Environment in windows then you can read my this tutorial. Now open Android Studio.

2. Click on Open.

Import Open Existing Flutter Dart Project in Android Studio3. Locate your Flutter Project, In my case my flutter project name is myapp. You have to select your own flutter project here.

4. Now you’ll see, It will start loading the Flutter project in Android Studio and you’ll see a message on screen ” Preparing Workspace “.

5. Now we have to open our main project’s Main.Dart file. So click on the Project link present at the left side of screen.

6. Now under your project-Name -> Java -> main.dart file will be present.

Double click on File to open the main.dart file in Android Studio Code editor. So friends, This is how we can open existing Flutter project in Android Studio.

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