Generate release-key.keystore File in Flutter For Signed APK

Hello friends, In today’s tutorial we would learn about creating release-key.keystore file for flutter for generating signed APK. The release-key.keystore file contain all the basic information about application like who is the author of application, what is the developer’s organization unit? What is your city, country code and State. Now we would also set Password for our keystore file and key-alias in this file. So in this tutorial we would learn about Generate release-key.keystore File in Flutter For Signed APK.

Contents in this project Generate release-key.keystore File in Flutter For Signed APK :-

1. First of all we have to launch Command Prompt Run as Administrator.

2. Now we have to go inside our JAVA – Bin folder using Command Prompt like I did in below screenshot.

3. Now we have to execute below command to generate Key store file.

4. After pressing Enter, It’ll ask us about Entering keystore password, our first and last name, our organizational unit name, our city name, country name, country code and at the end it will ask us about password for key-alias.

5. Now after entering all the information above, You will see that your command has successfully done. Now go inside your JAVA -> JDK -> Bin folder and your generated release-key.keystore File will be there.

Now here is some important information you will need when you use release-key.keystore File to generate Signed APK :-

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  1. if we open android part in android studio then AS provide easy way to generate keystore file.

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