What is Flutter Full Explained with Easy Example for Beginners

Flutter is a language tool that allows you to create cross native platform applications Android & iOS using a single native programming language code. Flutter gives us flexibility and compatibility to create smooth mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. By-default there are two programming languages Java for android and Swift (Objective C) for iOS development but using flutter there is no need to learn both of them, We can do this by only learning one programming language Dart. Flutter is a mobile development framework created in Dart language. The main coding file generate in Flutter is in .dart extension. The main file name is main.dart. This file is present under lib folder. We will learn more about Flutter project structure in further tutorials.

About Dart Language:

Dart is programming language created by Google. Dart is a type of client optimized programming language used to create all front-hand applications like Web applications and mobile applications. In flutter we would use complete DART language and there is no UI based drag and drop designing. We would just write code for all our UI designs and backhand.

How Dart looks like :

  1. Dart is a object oriented and strongly typed language.
  2. Dart Syntax is similar to JavaScript, c# and Java.
  3. Dart file syntax is .dart .

Flutter Simple Flow Diagram:

Flutter Full Explained with Easy Example

To getting started with Flutter development in windows read my this tutorial Installing flutter on windows.

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